Presents: Knut Roppestad

Knut Roppestad, singer- songwriter out of Horten, Norway, grew up in a small town environment in the sixties and seventies. He is active pursuing his career both as a performer and as a recording artist. His musical references spans from progressive metal to troubadour music – from the noisy electric to the solitary acoustic. He has always been a creative force and has been the main contributor of original music to different outfits. 

He has very much been influenced by American music and describes his music as “a sort of Americana based on Norwegian roots - in the widest sense”.  His American adventure started on a trip with a friend in 1980, and he was enriched with a second family in Muskogee, Oklahoma that’s still close to heart. 

Under is a video interview with Knut Talking about this.
And here is a link to an interview in Red Dirt Nation  


«Interview with Knut from the Norwegian blues magazine Blues News December 2016"

 «Two Worlds Two Songs» out now on Spotify 

Knut is out with new music containing two new songs,
«Dart to the heart» recordet at Jamaica and «Aftermath» recorded in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, USA.
It’s out on Spotify and will be available other places with time. Go to
Youtube page on this site for finding «Dart to the heart» on Youtube

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